Luke 24 Devotional Commentary

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Luke 24:2

To watch the Son of God suffer so cruelly on the Cross, must have broken the heart of so many people who loved this holy Lamb of God Who had come to seek and to save that which was lost.

We are told in Mark, that Joseph of Arimathea, a respected member of the council who was also awaiting the kingdom of God, boldly went to Pilate and requested the body of Jesus, which he wrapped in a clean linen cloth and laid it in his own new tomb. He had been a secret read more...

Luke 24:6

We are so familiar with the glorious Resurrection of the Lord Jesus, through which we who believe have received His resurrected life, that we often lose the poignancy of the event. The grief-stricken women who loved their Lord so deeply and had witnessed Christ's excruciating punishment and death, had been prevented from anointing His body due to religious restrictions.

Many tears must have flowed after His death, as the annual read more...

Luke 24:21

The touching account of the two disheartened disciples walking the seven-mile journey to Emmaus is unique to the book of Luke and gives a beautiful glimpse into the tender heart of our God.

Having just read of Christ's glorious resurrection, been introduced to the women who sped to tell the apostles that Jesus is risen from the dead, and having read how Peter immediately rushed to the tomb and was amazed to see nothing but the read more...

Luke 24:26

Sometimes we can be so distressed or disappointed; so angry or worried; so hurt or fearful that we miss the incredible blessing that God has organised in our very midst. This is what happened to Christ's disciples following His cruel crucifixion. They were so deeply affected by the great travesty they had just witnessed, that they almost missed the incredible blessings that it brought in its wake.

Mary lingered such a long time

Luke 24:27

For three days and nights, the Lord Jesus was buried in the securely guarded tomb of Joseph of Arimathea, but on that astonishing resurrection morning, long nights of weeping turned to joy and laughter as, first the women and then various individuals and groups of disciples, were visited by the risen Lord Jesus Christ - Who revealed Himself to those He loved and to those that loved Him.

One of the most beautiful meetings must have

Luke 24:45

What an amazing Bible study those two disciples received from the Lord Jesus on the road to Emmaus that day, when He opened their hearts to understand the Scriptures - truths to which their minds had previously been blinded. It is possible that some of the passages to which the Lord referred were verses they themselves knew by heart, and most likely would have recognised from the weekly synagogue reading, they heard each Sabbath day in the local synagogue?