Luke 11 Devotional Commentary

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Luke 11:1

Although we often imagine the ministry of John the Baptist to be one of a passionate prophet who ate locusts and wild honey as he wandered in the wilderness and accused the proud, unrepentant Pharisees of being a brood of vipers, he was also a man dedicated to prayer who prayed in the in spirit and power of Elijah. John instructed his followers to pray passionately to their Creator God. But Christ's daily devotion to prayer was that of a beloved Son desiring read more...

Luke 11:2

When the Lord Jesus taught His disciple to pray, He did not give them a magic format to repeat as a vain repetition, but a method of prayer to use as they approached the throne of grace. This is also our model of prayer, that embraces praise, worship, petition, supplication, intercession, thanksgiving, and fellowship with our Father in heaven.

We are to offer our prayers to our Father Who is seated in the heaven of heavens. We are read more...