Luke 19 Devotional Commentary

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Luke 19:10

I am sure when he got up that morning, Zacchaeus did not expect that before long he would be entertaining the Son of God in his own home.

As a rich, important, and chief tax-collector, he was an individual who was hated by the Jews, despised by the Romans, and was quite possibly a man who had been a swindler or a thief. But Jesus took time to come to him, to call to him, and to open up for him the path of salvation, for Jesus read more...

Luke 19:26

So much of the Word of God is written to the believer, and this verse is no exception - and although this parable was directed at the Jews who were about to reject their King and crucify their Messiah, it also has beautiful application to Church age believers. Just days before His crucifixion, the Lord Jesus visited the city of Jericho. He knew He was about to be rejected and crucified, but His plea continued to be towards the lost sheep of the house of Israel whom read more...