Luke 18 Devotional Commentary

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Luke 18:1

So much of the Lord's teachings were demonstrated through stories and parables, but familiarity with the text and a less than perfect translation has often reduced the urgency of a message or conceals the significant truth that lies within.

In his Gospel, Luke was seeking to convey the absolute necessity and the imperative demand for men to pray at all times, to remain in constant communion with the Lord, and not to lose hope or read more...

Luke 18:7

Christ uses the parable of the widow woman and the unjust judge to encourage us to be continually in prayer, to pray without ceasing, and to remain in constant communion with the Lord as we petition Him for the blessings we need from His gracious hand - especially when those blessings seem to be delayed.

This is not a teaching that describes a God as a worldly judge Who is reluctant to bestow His blessings, but rather a generous read more...

Luke 18:41

Jesus was sent to the lost sheep of the house of spiritually blind Israel during His First Coming. He was sent to heal them, to open their eyes, and to remove them from their former spiritual darkness. He was sent to bring them into His glorious light so that they might fulfil the ministry that had been entrusted to them so many centuries before, to tell the nations of the good news of God. And when the Lord Jesus read more...