What Does Romans 6:19 Mean?

I am speaking in human terms, because of your natural limitations. For just as you once presented your members as slaves to impurity and to lawlessness leading to more lawlessness, so now present your members as slaves to righteousness leading to sanctification.

Romans 6:19(ESV)

Verse Thoughts

Either we are in the kingdom of darkness or the kingdom of light. Either we are children of our father the devil or we are children of our Father the Lord God almighty. Either we are in the old creation in Adam or we have been born again into the new creation in Christ. Either we are slaves of sin, impurity and lawlessness or we are slaves of righteousness, life and truth, which is the path that leads us into sanctification (- the lifelong process of being conformed into the likeness of Christ Jesus our Lord).

Before we were transferred into the kingdom of light with all the wonderful benefits that accompany this glorious gift of grace, which includes life eternal to all who believe in Christ - we were in the kingdom of darkness; children of Satan; slaves of lawlessness; saturated in sin - with no God and no hope in the world.

Paul knew that gaining an understanding of heavenly things is a difficult concept due to our human limitation and finite comprehension, but he wanted to give us a good grasp of the incredible contrast between what we were before we were saved and what we are now that we are saved by grace through faith and positioned in Christ Jesus. So Paul used the everyday analogy of slavery or servant-hood to get his point across.

Every unbeliever, whether they know it or not, yields themselves to their old sin nature – even the good things that they do as well as the evil things are under the influence of the old sin nature – they are SLAVES to SIN, which means that everything they do, whether good or bad is not acceptable to God. As believers we have been freed from this slavery to sin, which results in death, for on becoming a servant of righteousness we are no longer a slave of sin but a servant of the Lord.

Just as we once presented our members (our bodies) as slaves to impurity and lawlessness, which simply leads to more and more lawlessness, so now as believers, we are to present our members as slaves to righteousness which leads to sanctification – we are to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God,

My Prayer

Loving Father, in You is life and light and health and truth. Thank You that I am Your child and I pray that I may be a servant of righteousness, that honours You in thought, word and deed, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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