Romans 12 Devotional Commentary

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Romans 12:1

Having thoroughly and systematically presented every aspect of the glorious gospel of salvation, and the eternal foundation of God's amazing grace upon which these everlasting truths rest, Paul earnestly urges believers in Christ to practically apply all that he has taught in this weighty epistle to the Romans, by presenting our bodies to the Lord as a living sacrifice.

As fallen sinners, the grace and mercy we have received from read more...

Romans 12:2

As believers we have been called to personal consecration, where our lives are a reflection of Christ and our bodies a living sacrifice to the Lord. It is our spiritual worship and our reasonable service to yield our-lives, our-selves, and our-bodies to the Lord - to consecrate ourselves to Him each day.

The fallen world and sinful man is all too ready to squeeze us into its own mould and to cultivate in us a worldly mindset, read more...

Romans 12:3

Our Christian life and spiritual service should follow the will of the Lord and be done to the glory of God. Personal dedication and basic consecration, where we present our lives as a living sacrifice unto the Lord, is naturally the foundational principle upon which any life that is walking in spirit and truth, must be based.

We have been saved by grace through faith and are called to live our lives by grace as well. We are to read more...

Romans 12:9

Step by step we have been led through the fundamentals of Church-age doctrine in Paul's letter to the Romans Church - a comprehensive, instructional manual that has been instrumental in influencing the various reformations and spiritual revivals that have taken place throughout the history of the Christian Church. Nowhere else in the Bible do we receive such a full and systematic teaching on the foundational truth of the gospel of God and the incarnate Christ.


Romans 12:10

Paul's weighty epistle to his beloved brothers and sisters in Rome is designed to focus our attention on our great salvation; our position as already justified, our conduct in the process of being sanctified, and our assured future of one day being glorified and made like unto Christ's glorious body. As Paul draws his amazing treatise on salvation to a conclusion, he ends with a section on how to live the Christian life in a way that is pleasing to God.


Romans 12:12

Paul composed a lengthy and weighty letter to the Roman church that addressed every issue that is so vital to living the normal Christian life in this post-Cross era. His extensive epistle is written in such a way as to provide a wonderful understanding of all Church-age doctrines and how to apply them in our lives today so that we are enabled to live a victorious Christian life – the life that God intended for all His children.


Romans 12:20

Christ's Sermon on the Mount is considered by many as a series of moral teachings by which we should all try to abide. But also, the world often portrays the Lord Jesus as a bit of a push-over with His teachings on being meek and mild-mannered, loving your enemies, blessing those who curse you and praying for those that despitefully use you... and increasingly the clarion call of the world today, is to stand up for your rights, even at the expense of others.