Romans 9 Devotional Commentary

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Romans 9:2

'Salvation' is an all-inclusive word that covers every aspect of God's deliverance, which comes to us by faith alone. Salvation is often an umbrella term and covers justification, forgiveness, sanctification, glorification, redemption, reconciliation, and propitiation. Salvation has an impact on issues like adoption, service, imputation, mediation, and the ransom-price paid to save the world. And Paul's epistle to the Romans presents us with the most systematic read more...

Romans 9:5

For thousands of years, Israel were God's chosen people and the only nation who had a covenant relationship with the Lord. They proudly celebrated this truth for centuries, but rejected God's offer of the kingdom of heaven on earth at Christ's first advent, causing the Lord to postpone His kingdom programme with His chosen people until the whole nation was ready and willing to acknowledge that 'Jesus Is Lord'.

In the meantime, God in His grace is taking read more...

Romans 9:11

Paul interrupted his in-depth dissertation on the universal need of the gospel and the way to be saved by grace through faith in Christ, by devoting three chapters to Israel - the nation God elected to fulfil His plans and purposes. He details their past history (chapter 9), their present status (chapter 10), their future salvation (chapter 11), and the long-suffering mercy of God towards His chosen nation.

He begins this

Romans 9:15

Paul took pains to point out that all men are under sin and all need a Saviour. He stressed that no one is excused the consequences of sin through personal merit or a privileged position.. and that Jew and Gentile alike are equally under sin and God's righteous condemnation. But he also took pain to explain in detail the glorious gospel of God, which is available to ALL.. by faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

But as his