What Does Hebrews 2:11 Mean?

For both He who sanctifies and those who are sanctified are all from one Father; for which reason He is not ashamed to call them brethren,

Hebrews 2:11(NASB)

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The second Member of the Trinity is the eternal Son of God, Who was born into the human race as Jesus - the perfect Man, Who alone had the authority and the credentials to become the only acceptable sacrifice for the sin of the whole world. Jesus is the God-Man, Who by God's grace.. tasted death for every member of the human race, so that by faith in His sacrificial death for the forgiveness of sin.. and His glorious resurrection for life everlasting, we might be redeemed and adopted into the family of God and become part of the Body of Christ.

The moment that we are saved by grace through faith, we are set apart unto God forever.. we are 'Positionally Sanctified'. We are placed into the body of Christ, clothed in His righteousness, accepted by God because of Jesus and brought into eternal union with Him. From the moment of salvation however we are also going through a continuous process of sanctification.. as day by day we are being made more and more like the Lord Jesus Christ.. Day after day we are being 'Practically or Progressively Sanctified' - as by God's grace, the Holy Spirit lives in us and works through us, to complete the good work that He started in our life at salvation. The moment we believed in the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ we were born from above.  That very moment we were 'Positionally Sanctified'. But as we live our lives in this fallen world we are being 'Practically Sanctified.'

And when we finally go to be with the Lord, whether at the rapture of the church or through the resurrection of the body we will be finally and fully sanctified - 'Perfect Sanctification' - for we shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is. Jesus is the One Who sanctified us, and those who trust in Him are those who are the positionally sanctified. His Holy Spirit is the One Who is continuing to sanctify us as we are being changed from glory to glory during our earthly life. Our positional sanctification guarantees our ultimate, perfect sanctification - and in between we are being practically sanctified..

We cannot sanctify ourselves. Christ alone is the One Who sanctifies .. and those whom He sanctifies are sons of God, who in this life are going from one level of glory to another. And all of us, with unveiled faces, are reflecting like bright mirrors the glory of the Lord, and we are all being transformed into the same likeness of our Lord Jesus Christ. By grace we are being changed from one degree of radiant holiness to another. This has nothing to do with our own abilities or merit .. but comes only from the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus, Who lives in each one - because He was prepared to be made sin for us.

Jesus is the Son of God Who became the Son of Man. He sanctified Himself for our sake by going to the cross for us - so that by faith in Him we too might be set apart - sanctified sons of God and joint-heirs with Christ. The second Member of the Trinity is the eternal Son of God, Who is One with the Father, and He was born into the human race as Jesus. It was for our sakes He set Himself apart unto God, by going to the cross and by drinking the bitter cup - so that we could be set apart unto God, be adopted into His family and call our heavenly Father - 'Abba'. It is Jesus Who sanctifies and we whom He is sanctifying have all one Father; and for this reason He is not ashamed to speak of us as His brothers.

My Prayer

Heavenly Father thank You that for my sake, Your only begotten Son was willing to be born into the human race and be born as a Man so that He could set Himself apart to become the sacrifice for my sin and the sin of the whole world. Thank You that through Christ I have been positionally sanctified and am being changed from one degree of glory to another by faith in Him. May I witness to the truth of His word to a lost and dying world to Your praise and glory - this I ask in Jesus name, AMEN.

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