Jeremiah 17 Devotional Commentary

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Jeremiah 17:5

God is holy and He cannot look upon sin, while man is a sinner who has a sin nature which is always and forever at enmity with God. This state of affairs causes a total and eternal separation to exist between God and man - and between man and God.

When Adam sinned, he and all his progeny were cursed, causing man to become self-dependent instead of remaining God-dependent. Men's hearts were turned away from the Lord and read more...

Jeremiah 17:7

What tremendous benefits are discovered for the one that trusts the Lord with all their heart and does not lean upon their own understanding. Trusting in the Lord is simply believing what God has said. It is having faith in the incarnate Word of God and trusting all that the Lord has revealed to us in the written Word of God.

The man who trusts in the Lord is simply believing Him in all things - believing His Word, trusting read more...

Jeremiah 17:8

Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet for he not only warned Israel that disobedience towards the Lord would result in their dispersion amongst the nations, but he was also one who warned of Judah's final downfall and witnessed its devastating destruction. He wept bitterly as he watched the Presence of God withdraw from the Temple of the Lord.

Like her sister Israel, Judah had also fallen into deep idolatry, which resulted read more...

Jeremiah 17:9

From start to finish, the Bible outlines God's plan of salvation for all mankind. Centuries before the birth of Christ, Jeremiah (the weeping prophet) foresaw that the Gentiles would one day turn from idols to God during a time when His chosen people, Israel, would be set aside for a season due to their ongoing, spiritual idolatry.

Like us, Jeremiah could not understand why wickedness waxed worse and worse in the world. read more...

Jeremiah 17:10

Jeremiah was not only described as the weeping prophet because he lamented when he witnessed Israel's captivity, the burning of Jerusalem, and the destruction of the Temple of God, but he is also identified as a solitary prophet. The Lord even forbade this man of God to have a wife, as a sign of the imminent disaster that was about to befall the nation.

Jeremiah's prophetic voice and his God-ordained ministry was rejected by read more...

Jeremiah 17:14

Jeremiah was a sensitive man who wore his heart on his sleeve. He had been divinely called to denounce Israel's spiritual apostasy and proclaim severe judgement upon them. They had gone astray and had willingly become embroiled in the practices and perversions of their pagan neighbours.

Jeremiah knew he had been called to preach a tough message. He was scorned by the leaders and rejected by the people. He knew the read more...

Jeremiah 17:17

The nation who follows the Lord is a blessed nation indeed, but the Lord God will lift His hand of protection and even send judgments on a nation that turns its back on God or openly defies His Word. Ancient Israel is such an example of a nation that denounced their God, and although individuals like Jeremiah within that nation chose to trust in the Lord, inevitable judgement comes when a nation openly defies their God.

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