Jeremiah 30 Devotional Commentary

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Jeremiah 30:7

A day is coming when the nation of Israel along with the whole world, will have to go through a terrible period of Tribulation that is unparalleled in human history. It will be an awful day of unprecedented distress, slaughter, fear, and trembling and it is called, "the time of Jacob's trouble." No other time will be like it - HOWEVER, Israel will be saved out of it. But why? Why does Israel specifically have to go read more...

Jeremiah 30:9

For three glorious chapters, Jeremiah the prophet, who mourned deeply for the destruction of the Holy City, writes of Israel's eventual deliverance from their enemies. He speaks of a glorious future that God has prepared for those that love Him.

The Lord knows the plans he has for His chosen people, Israel, and they are plans for good and not for evil. They are plans to give them a future and great hope. And in the midst of this read more...