Jeremiah 1 Devotional Commentary

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Jeremiah 1:5

Jeremiah was a man who was born into the priestly line of Levi and was called to be a prophet of the Lord. He was a man who would have to endure much hardship during his life and he even witnessed the shocking ransacking of his beloved city of Jerusalem by the Babylonians and wept as he watched the destruction of the Temple of God, when his people were taken into captivity.

It is likely that Jeremiah was about 20 years old when read more...

Jeremiah 1:7

Jeremiah had been set apart for the Lord, from his conception. His prophetic ministry was not only to Judah, but he became God's spokesman to Gentiles and worldly kingdoms as well.

He felt ill-prepared for such a responsible role, and argued that both his young age and his lack of good oratory skills, disqualified him from this tremendous task: "Ah Lord God!" he bewailed, "Behold, I do not know how to speak, for I am only a read more...

Jeremiah 1:8

Jeremiah lived in the midst of a world at war. The northern kingdom had been enslaved by Assyria, and the kingdom of Judah had fallen into gross apostasy, which would shortly result in divine punishment - the Babylonian exile. The Times of the Gentiles began with this invasion into the beautiful Land, by Nebuchadnezzar. His invasion also was the starting point of Israel's prolonged, worldwide dispersion, which continues to this day.