Jeremiah 10 Devotional Commentary

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Jeremiah 10:10

The sovereignty of God cannot be compared with anything that is in the heavens above or in the earth beneath or in the waters under the earth, for God alone is the uncreated, eternal, sovereign God of the universe.

He is the true and living God Whose glory fills the skies. The increase of His government will continue forever and there will be no end to His perfect peace, which passes all understanding. His is the peace that is read more...

Jeremiah 10:16

Jeremiah is often known as the weeping prophet, who mourned over the shocking way that Israel turned from the true and living God, Who is the Maker of all. They had turned from the God of their fathers to lifeless idols and false gods. And so Jeremiah lamented that Judah has become so disobedient and had broken the covenant which they made with the Lord at Sinai, and he wept as he prophesised of their downfall, knowing that God's chosen nation had read more...

Jeremiah 10:23

Jeremiah foretold the dispersion of Israel and witnessed the terrible destruction of the temple and devastation of his beloved city of Jerusalem. He understood that God's people had no excuse for sin nor did their privileged status as God's chosen people exempt them from His rod of correction. And though he lamented the forthcoming judgement, Jeremiah prayed for God's mercy upon his people.

The Old Testament records Israel's