Genesis 3 Devotional Commentary

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Genesis 3:1

The root of sin is pride, and the biggest lie is to question the truthfulness and dependability of God's unfailing Word. From that devastating fall of man in the idyllic garden of Eden to the final chapters of holy Scripture, we discover details of the wide-ranging repercussions of man's damning sin, and the tremendous grace that our offended God has extended towards the human race who was made in God's own image and likeness.

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Genesis 3:5

Now the serpent was more devious than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made because he caused Adam and Eve to doubt God's Word. The Lord had given them dominion over the whole earth and everything in it, but instead of trusting His Word, they listened to that old serpent - called the devil and Satan. They believed an insidious lie that continues to flourish today, "you shall be like God," - you shall become godlike.


Genesis 3:6

Early in man's history, the sad tale of 'paradise lost' is told in Genesis 3, when the shrewd serpent beguiled Eve. She allowed her mind and emotions to be manipulated by Satan who twisted the truth. She questioned the Word of God, altered it to fit her own desires, and influenced her husband - which caused sin to enter the world and man's fallen nature to impact every subsequent generation.

Everything God created was very good,

Genesis 3:8

The God Who created the world is the same God Who controls the course of history. In His grace, He set in motion His plan of redemption when the man He made in His own image and likeness, sinned. In His grace, He caused holy men of God to write the Scriptures for our learning, and the first chapter of Genesis provides us with a panoramic overview of His great creative power.

Chapter 2 retells the story of creation, from a read more...

Genesis 3:15

Sin has its inevitable consequences, and the result of Adam's sin was death, separation from God, and a curse of hard labour for both the man and the woman during their life-struggle on earth.

But before the Lord pronounced his judgement on Adam and Eve and explained the long-term consequences of their wretched sin and disobedience, God spoke to the serpent who is called the devil and Satan, and who deceives the whole world.


Genesis 3:16

Within a couple of chapters of Genesis, we see Eve desiring what was forbidden and then tempting her husband into wilful sin, and the result was not what God had planned for the man and his wife who were created in God's own image and likeness. What took place in their lives... and the lives of all their descendants, was diametrically opposite to His perfect plan for mankind.

God is holy, and sin... whether

Genesis 3:17

Moses painted the beautiful picture of the seven days of creation in Genesis 1 with broad sweeps of colour and extravagant detail. The glorious tapestry of God's perfect creation was completed on the sixth day, when the Lord formed man in His own image from the dust of the earth and gave him dominion over every living thing. Everything the Lord created was good - very good, and then He rested from all His work.

It is as we

Genesis 3:21

"Why does God allow so much evil and suffering?" is a question that is often asked. "Why does God let bad things happen?" is an ongoing cry. But this is often asked by sinners, who do not understand that evil and suffering is a consequence of man's sin, or believers who are trying to live by fleshly works and earn God's favour. God is the Father of mercies and Giver of all good gifts and the evil and suffering of today is an indicator of the shocking effect of read more...