Genesis 32 Devotional Commentary

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Genesis 32:26

Jacob had lived for many years working for his uncle Laban. He had married wives and raised a family of eleven sons as well as daughters, but a grumbling hostility had erected a barrier between Jacob and his in-laws. At last, a day came when, prompted by the Holy Spirit of God, Jacob decided to return to his homeland and determined to make reconciliation with his estranged brother, Esau, who had vowed to kill him over 20 years earlier. And so we read that Jacob read more...

Genesis 32:28

Until Jacob wrestled with God 'face to face', he was serving the Lord in his own strength and on his own terms. He wanted God's blessing and coveted the birthright given to his father, Abraham. He wanted to be the one through whom God's promised Saviour was to be born. Oh, Jacob wanted the advantages of being God's chosen servant through whom Abraham's Seed would pass, without being accountable to Him. He wanted the blessings of God without undertaking his read more...