Genesis 37 Devotional Commentary

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Genesis 37:3

Joseph was one of Jacob's many sons, and being Rachel's firstborn son and "the son of his old age," he was his father's favourite. We read that his father loved Joseph more than all his sons because Joseph was a son born to Jacob when he was an older man. "The son of his old age," is sometimes interpreted to signify that Joseph was a wise young man or 'a son of wisdom'. Throughout his life, Joseph demonstrated maturity that was far beyond his read more...

Genesis 37:9

Jacob had many sons, from four different women, but it was a troubled family and significant rivalry developed between the wives and the siblings - and Jacob's favourite son was Joseph. As the child of his old age and the son born to Rachel, his best-loved wife, Joseph was given many privileges which caused his half brothers to become increasingly jealous of him. Not only was Joseph awarded many concessions from Jacob, due to his age, but his father showered him read more...