What Does Job 19:25 Mean?

For I know that my Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth.

Job 19:25(ESV)

Verse Thoughts

Job was able to say with authority I know in Whom I have believed – I KNOW that my redeemer lives – I know that all the plans and promises of God will one day be fully realized - Job KNEW. Job had an assurance that what God had said, God would perform.

Job had no understanding of why his life was falling apart. He had no knowledge of the angelic conflict that was raging in the heavenlies. He was unaware that he lived; the actions he took; the decision he made in relationship to His trust in God, would be used to encourage countless saints that were to come after him. Nor did Job understand that remaining firm in his unwavering trust in God would be to the praise and honour of His Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Job went to his grave not understanding the full consequences of his firm resolve to trust God no matter what.

Oh, for sure Job proclaimed some fleshly comments and exhibited a proud attitude at times. He argued and questioned God, showing that even men of faith can fall into carnal, fleshly ways. BUT the bottom line was that Job’s trust in His Redeemer never faltered, as God homed and fashioned him – until finally Job was brought into a closer understanding of Who God was and experienced a deepness of intimacy with His Father that he would not have imagined.

In the end, Job came forth as gold and was able to say with authority I know in Whom I have believed – I know that my Redeemer lives and that one day He is going to fulfil all the plans and promises made to those that love and trust Him. One day He will indeed stand on the earth. One day He will truly be seated on His earthly throne in Jerusalem and fill His heavenly position in the heavenly Jerusalem.

Job’s trust in God was a definitive ‘knowing’, and our faith in Him can also be an authoritative ‘knowing’ – for our trust stands on the unshakable facts within the Word of God. Like Job, we too can say with authority that I KNOW in Whom I have believed. I KNOW that my Redeemer live.

How blessed we are to be able to say with authority that we KNOW that He is coming back for the Church and will set up His everlasting kingdom to the praise and glory of God the Father. How blessed are the ones that KNOW their God.

My Prayer

Loving heavenly Father, thank you for the truth of Your word and the wonderful illustrations of real people who trusted Your word, no matter what. Thank you that You are my Redeemer, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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