Job 1 Devotional Commentary

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Job 1:1

In the opening verse of Job, we are given certain distinctive features about the main character who lived in the land of Uz. We read he was a good man who feared the Lord and turned away from evil. Although we later discover he was wealthy, highly esteemed by all, and a man of prayer with 10 adult children... reverence for the Lord is a distinctive feature which identified Job as someone with a teachable spirit and a desire for godly understanding, "for the read more...

Job 1:6

Job is an amazing example of unjustified and undeserved human suffering... but we are given a remarkable peep behind the scenes of the terrible trauma and pain he underwent. Indeed, we are given a rare glimpse into the Lord's heavenly administration as He rules the entire, created universe from on high.

As soon as Job has been introduced to the reader, we are whisked right into the presence of the Almighty, where we discover that read more...

Job 1:21

Job was a spiritual man who trusted God. He was a prayerful man, who kept his seven sons and three daughters covered by prayer, appealing to the Lord for their spiritual well-being. He was a wise man who had been blessed by God in many ways, and he was a pillar of spiritual piety among his peers.. but Job was unaware of the spiritual battle that was raging in heavenly places.

Although he knew God as Creator and worshipped Him read more...