Job 42 Devotional Commentary

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Job 42:2

It took Job some time to come to an understanding that he was indeed a guilty sinner, not for what he had done but for who he was, and that he had neither the cause nor the right to justify himself or to question the mighty hand of the omniscient and omnipotent God. For a time, all Job had was a shallow knowledge of God, but after his encounter with the Lord, he was given a deeper and more intimate awareness of Who God truly is.


Job 42:5

The book of Job has been an inspiration and encouragement to many saints down through the ages who themselves have had to go through some terrible trials and horrific persecutions, as well as enduring the day to day problems that all humanity has to face in a fallen world where God has been rejected by the vast majority of mankind. Valuable lessons can be learned from Job's trials, even though the mystery of suffering is not totally fully understood by any of us. read more...