Job 2 Devotional Commentary

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Job 2:4

Satan had done his worst to God's servant Job in his attempt to get him to deny the goodness of God and curse the Lord to His face. This afflicted man had lost all his worldly wealth, his ten adult children, his wife's respect, and the esteem he enjoyed from the local community... nevertheless, his faith in God never faltered and he was able to say, "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I shall return there. The Lord gave and the Lord has read more...

Job 2:10

Sometime after Satan's first, devastating attacks on Job's family, his fortune, and his standing in the community - in chapter 1, we find the next section opens with Job's second trial of faith - chapter 2. Once again Satan presents himself before the Lord, Who permits this enemy of our soul to continue his evil assault on God's unsuspecting servant.

We are granted a little insight into the second dialogue between God and read more...

Job 2:13

In the first couple of chapters of Job, we witness two unfounded attacks by Satan on a God-fearing man called Job. The first was an assault on his family and possessions while the second affected his physical body and health. We are permitted a peep behind the heavenly scene... where this man, who was justified in the eyes of God by faith, became the target of Satan's accusations.

God permitted the accuser of our soul to test read more...