What Does 2 Peter 3:6 Mean?

through which the world at that time was destroyed, being flooded with water.

2 Peter 3:6(NASB)

Verse of the Day

The problem of false teachers and the predicted increase in scoffers in the last days is given significant attention in Peter's last letter. He prompts his readers to hold fast to the text of Scripture and to cling tightly to the glorious gospel of God and the unchangeable fact - that Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

He wants to stir up our hearts by reminding us that Scripture is the product of holy men of God who were inspired by the Holy Spirit to write history in advance, for our warning. He warns that arrogant mockers, immersed in their own lustful leanings and godless philosophies, will be the eloquent voice of fearless yet foolish men and women who blaspheme the God Who made them, disregard the rule of law, scorn the promise of Christ's return, ignore His impending judgement, and advocate lawlessness, lack of restraint, and blatant criminality.

The end days that Peter describes are reminiscent of the times in which we live, when men mock the Bible and have adopted a uniformitarian world-view which is rooted in various theories of evolution... concluding that nothing can interfere with the steady-state laws of science and the processes of nature!

Such folk are willingly ignorant of the wonderful works of God. They dismiss the witnesses of heaven and earth, man's inner conscience, and the evidence of holy Scriptures. They desire to flaunt their rebellious hearts in the face of God and prolong this illusion for lost souls, who are dead in their sin.

Peter warns of proud fools who are unaware that by the spoken Word of God, the heavens and earth came into existence, but due to sin there was an explosion in wickedness by which man was judged. They adopt a worldview that denies that God intervened in those devastating days of Noah.

Verse by verse, Peter systematically demolishes the arguments of arrogant men who pride themselves on their knowledge and wisdom - which is foolishness before the Lord. While professing to be objective in their 'enlightened' reasonings, such folk expose their profound conceit and self-willed ignorance.

While boasting of serious scientific investigation, they refuse to acknowledge the abundance of evidence of the world-wide flood of Noah - which is hidden in plain sight! Sadly, such men and women harden their hearts to the truth of God's Word and render themselves condemned already.

God has stepped into time on various occasions to disrupt the world in its established course and judge mankind. Judgement fell in Eden and was poured out on the antediluvian world of Noah. Judgement fell on the tower of Babel and struck down the ten god's of Egypt. Israel was judged through the Assyrian and Babylonian dispersions and sin was judged at the Cross of Calvary, when the wrath of God fell on the Lord Jesus Christ - our substitute for sin.

Today men continue to be 'willingly ignorant' that there is a coming judgement in the future, when the nations of the world and those that scoff at the prophesied return of Christ will be judged - a terrible judgement of fire and fury.

Let us pray that many will come to a knowledge of the truth while there is still time.

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, as the united voice of scoffers clamour against Your Word and insist that You will never judge the world as You did in Noah's day, it is clear that we are now in those predicted perilous times when arrogant men are lovers of self, haters of God, and weighed down with sin. Give me the wisdom to know what to do when confronted by the deception of this age, and I pray that I may be clothed with the armour of God so that I may stand firm in the faith. Help me to be a witness of the truth of Your Word and warn others of the impending judgement that You have clearly laid out in Your Word. Open the eyes of those that have been blinded to the truth and bring many into the kingdom, for Your dear name's sake. In Jesus' name, AMEN. 

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