What Does 2 Corinthians 1:20 Mean?

For as many as are the promises of God, in Him they are yes; therefore also through Him is our Amen to the glory of God through us.

2 Corinthians 1:20(NASB)

Verse Thoughts

Paul had a deep spiritual burden for the believers in Corinth, and this letter was written soon after he wrote his first, disciplinary epistle, where petty arguments, sexual immorality, spiritual immaturity, worldly carnality and an absence of godly love were vigorously addressed.

He had planned to visit these believers, following his earlier, forthright epistle, for he wanted to rebuild their trust in him, by restating his God-ordained authority.. and so Paul wasted no time in explaining the reason for his delayed visit.

In his customary introductions, which, as always, included the lovely salutation grace and peace to you, Paul used himself as a role model, to show that the comfort and grace of God, brought him amazing consolation and strength, in the midst of much severe suffering - and would do the same for each one of them.

Paul had obviously experienced many difficulties, but his main purpose was not to highlight his own problems but to exult the goodness of God, and give Him all the thanks and praise for His comfort, His help and His many precious promises.

It was the Lord to Whom Paul pointed as the anchor of his soul and source of his stability. It was God who had supported and sustained him over the previous months and years. It was Christ Jesus, his Saviour, Who had fulfilled His many promises and Who was at the heart of his message to these believers.

Paul wanted to get across that the message that he taught about the Lord Jesus was steadfast, sure, unalterable and reliable. He stressed that God's promises are true and His word stands fast forever.. and so he wrote: For as many as are the promises of God, in Him they are YES; therefore also through Him is our AMEN - to the glory of God through us.

The boundless love of God is such that His promises never fail in Christ, and we can rejoice and say amen, to the glory of God. No matter how many promises the Lord has made, we have an assurance that not one will ever fail.

The Lord Jesus came to earth as the sin substitute for mankind, and fulfilled all that the Father ordained so that we can be set free, by faith in Him. And for this reason, we also utter AMEN, when we consider the many precious promises, that have been carried out in Christ, on our behalf. May we never forget that Christ's sacrifice on the cross, stamped the authority of God on His promises to us, for all the promises of God in Christ are YEA, and in Him AMEN - to the glory of God, forever and ever.

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, how blessed we are to be called Your children and to know that Christ took the punishment for our sins, so that in Him we could be the recipients of Your many precious promises - by faith. Thank You that all Your promises have been validated through Christ, knowing that in Him, they are YES and AMEN. - to Your praise and glory. Thank You for Your word, which is a lamp to our feet, a light to our path and the testimony of Your great love for us. Thank You in Jesus name AMEN.

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