What Does John 10:27 Mean?

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

John 10:27(KJV)
Picture courtesy of Joseph Atta

Verse Thoughts

Jesus is our heavenly Shepherd Who came from His home above to gather all who would follow Him and believe on His name to become one-fold with one Shepherd. Jesus is our caring Shepherd Who guard and guides us, Who feeds us and tends us, Who protects us and loves us and Who intimately know each of His own, by name.

Jesus is our good Shepherd Who gave His life that we might live. And His sheep hear His voice and hearing and recognizing the voice of our good, heavenly, caring Shepherd comes from listening to His voice attentively – hearing the Word of God repeatedly and trusting the truth of all that He says – trusting the gracious words that proceeds from the mouth our great Shepherd of the sheep, for He has promised that none shall pluck us out of His hand.

We are the sheep of His pasture and we must be receptive to His call; we must carefully listen to all He says; we must trust all that He does, even when we don’t understand. And we must rest in His love and abide in His truth and obediently follow Him all the days of our life – and I will dwell in the house of my heavenly Shepherd forever.

My Prayer

Loving Father – I was lost but You called me and found me and gathered me into your loving arms and led me into Your heavenly sheep-fold. Continue to guard me and guide me; keep and protect me from all the perils and dangers of this life - for I trust Your Word and will praise You for Your loving-kindness and gracious-mercies, all the days of my life, in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

Picture courtesy of Joseph Atta

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