Micah 7 Devotional Commentary

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Micah 7:7

In so much of the Word of God we discover the little word 'BUT'. This tiny conjunction joins two thoughts together through stark contrast. Often we read of the foolishness, fretfulness, disobedience, and rebellion of sinful man, but then in contrast we read of the faithfulness, graciousness, and long-suffering of the Lord.

Joshua challenged Israel with his contrasting choices: "Choose you this day whom you read more...

Micah 7:14

God has so often been portrayed as the faithful Shepherd of His people and in his prayer to the holy One of Israel, Micah is asking the Lord to continue to feed His flock, and to graciously shepherd His chosen people. Micah knows that Israel is God's precious possession, and despite their rebellion and disobedience, Micah's request is that God will restore them and provide for them.. as He did in former years.

He prays that God

Micah 7:18

God has not finished with Israel as many erroneously teach, despite the fact that for hundreds of centuries they have rebelled against their God as a nation. Micah was one of a company of God's prophets who forewarned of terrible judgement to come. Israel had followed in the footsteps of the godless Gentile nations and become proud and covetous. They had forsaken the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Who had promised them glorious blessing if they would walk in His read more...