Micah 5 Devotional Commentary

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Micah 5:2

God is faithful to His people, Israel, even when they go astray and despite their prolonged rebellion against their long-suffering, covenant-keeping God. He remains faithful to His erring children for He promised to send a Kinsman-Redeemer Who would save His people from their sins. And the birth place of their Messiah was identified as Bethlehem - Ephratah - the little town of David.

God's Word speaks history into being, years

Micah 5:4

Although Micah is considered a minor prophet he thunders a powerful message to the nation of Israel, which contains important truths and significant lessons for all of us to learn.

Micah gives a chilling lament of approaching judgement.. outlining the inevitable dispersions that would shortly overtake both the northern and southern kingdoms of Israel. He identifies the sins of the people.. the oppression of the poor by the read more...