Micah 4 Devotional Commentary

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Micah 4:1

Amidst his warnings against being misled by ungodly rulers, downtrodden by greedy politicians or enticed away from the truth of God's Word by false prophets and unholy priests - Micah was a man who had deep sympathy for the downtrodden people of Israel.

Amidst his predictions of doom for Israel's wealthy oppressors.. and his denunciation of their ungodly leaders and covetous clerics, Micah gave a wonderful description of Israel's read more...

Micah 4:2

When Christ returns to earth to rule and reign as God's appointed King of all kings, there will be blessings for many nations. There are prophetic writings that foretell the terrible time of Jacob's Trouble and the judgement that will come upon those who reject God's offer of salvation, but there are also many passages that teach of wonderful kingdom blessings that will accompany the millennial rule of Christ.

The book of Micah

Micah 4:3

The first half of Micah, warns of God's wrath against Judah and Israel because of their sin. Micah denounced their ungodly rulers, false prophets, and rogue priests, but also predicted the doom of the wealthy nations that oppressed His people. How sad that God's chosen nation broke their covenant with the Lord and did so much evil in His sight. Yet by God's grace, their stumbling has brought salvation to the Gentiles.

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