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Nahum 1:2

Nahum 1:2

Throughout the Bible, the character of God is gradually unveiled to different people. His names and His attributes are revealed to us, little by little, in the writings of various biblical authors. To David, He is revealed as our Shepherd... and to Gideon, we discover that God is our Peace.

To Abraham, the Lord unveils Himself as our Provider while here in the book of Nahum, the character of God is described as jealous. But the read more...

Nahum 1:7

Nahum 1:7

Nahum was a Jewish prophet whose name means 'consolation' or 'comforter'. He had a grave and weighty message from Jehovah concerning the evil city of Nineveh. His burden was to pronounce a severe sentence on the Assyrian stronghold. He prophesied of their irrevocable punishment, irreversible judgement, and the certain destruction of this oppressor of Israel... while promising the people of God, "a stronghold in the day of trouble, refuge for those who read more...