Habakkuk 1 Devotional Commentary

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Habakkuk 1:2

When people walk away from the God Who created them and allow unbiblical laws to be passed and ungodly activities to dictate how they live, then national corruption and global crisis soon follows.

This was the state of affairs in Israel when, in anguish of heart, the prophet Habakkuk wrote his heart-rending book as he tried to understand why God did not appear to answer his pleading cries for help.


Habakkuk 1:12

Habakkuk was crying out to the Lord in distress about the evil, violence, destruction, and wickedness that was the hallmark of the people and the nations of his day, and which was overtaking the people of Israel, but the Lord appeared indifferent, and the calamities intensified rather than abated. In fact, God was using the evil actions of wicked men to chasten and train His own people and forward His own perfect plans and purposes.