Esther 9 Devotional Commentary

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Esther 9:17

The Feast of Purim is a day of celebration for the nation of Israel, for it commemorates that joyful time when Esther, the beautiful queen of Persia, was raised up by the Lord for the salvation of her people - the Jewish nation.

The extermination of the Jewish race has been the primary target of Satan's fierce attack on humanity, in his bitter conflict with God and his hatred of mankind... for the Lord destined Israel, through read more...

Esther 9:32

The book of Esther is an exciting story of a beautiful, young Jewish girl named Hadessah who became queen Esther of Persia. It was due to "the command of Esther, that the feast of Purim was established - as written in the book."

She was wonderfully used by the Lord to save the Jewish nation from extinction, when an evil decree, instigated by a wicked man named Haman, tricked the king of Persia into passing a read more...