Esther 2 Devotional Commentary

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Esther 2:6

At the end of their 70-year exile in Babylon, Cyrus the great Persian king decreed that the temple in Jerusalem, destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, was to be rebuilt and that Jewish exiles were permitted to return to their homeland. Many took advantage and set off with Ezra or Nehemiah on their respective expeditions, but many remained in their land of exile preferring all the material advantages they now enjoyed.

Among those who

Esther 2:10

Esther is a fast-moving historical drama that traces the life and times of a beautiful young Jewish girl, called Hadassah, and her uncle, Mordecai. They were descendants of the Babylonian exiles, who had been deported from Judah during the reign of Nebuchadnezzar. Their forebears had been deported generations earlier but had chosen not to return to Israel, once the 70 years had passed.

Hadassah was an orphan who had been given

Esther 2:15

The story of Esther is remembered as one of the greatest victories in Scripture when the evil plots of Israel's enemies were set to exterminate the entire Jewish race, but God turned around this harrowing situation for good. The intriguing story of a beautiful young orphan girl, who entered a beauty contest and became queen of the greatest empire in the world, is the stuff of dreams and fairy-tales.

Esther is identified as a