Esther 1 Devotional Commentary

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Esther 1:1

The book of Esther was written to offer Jewish exiles, and those who had returned to the land of Israel with Ezra, great encouragement and the assurance that God is a covenant-keeping God Who is faithful to His Word and watches over His people, even when they disobey Him.

Years earlier, the 70-year long Babylonian captivity had ended, just as Jeremiah had prophesied, and Cyrus the great Persian king decreed the rebuilding of the read more...

Esther 1:19

The first chapter of Esther lays the foundation for the thrilling story that follows, where a satanic scheme to slaughter the entire Jewish nation is thwarted. This planned genocide was discovered and reversed through faithful servants of God, whom the Lord used to save His people from destruction and to carry forward His eternal plan of redemption.

Ahasuerus, who was also known as Xerxes 1st, succeeded his father Darius onto the read more...