1 Timothy 3 Devotional Commentary

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1 Timothy 3:2

Being an 'elder' or an 'overseer' in the Church is an honourable position, and those discharging this duty have to be men of integrity who demonstrate certain attributes, skills, gifts, and graces, together with a character in line with Paul's instructions in this letter to Timothy.

Paul places much emphasis on the quality of leaders in the Church and begins to list the character traits that should be evident in the life of every read more...

1 Timothy 3:5

Some of Paul's important teachings to the Christian Church regarding elders, deacons, and those that are called to oversee church congregations and Christian fellowships, are recorded in this little book of First Timothy.

Paul writes an extended discourse on the character and constitution of those who desire to become elders in the local church of God. Such a man should be humble in their service and blameless in their lives. read more...

1 Timothy 3:15

Paul was a man who lived by FAITH and not by SIGHT. He was a person who desired to remain in the centre of God's will, and although he was a prophet of God and apostle of Christ, who was commissioned to write a considerable number of New Testament books, Paul did not always know what God had planned for him.

Sometimes he discovered that his own, legitimate desires did not always line up with those of the Lord. For instance.. read more...

1 Timothy 3:16

There are many hidden truths that were revealed to Paul by the Lord Jesus which had been concealed for ages and generations, but which have been revealed to us through the anointed ministry of Christ's appointed apostle. In this passage, which was written to instruct Church leaders on godly conduct, we discover that the mystery of godliness is connected with 1) faith in Christ and 2) a spiritual walk. The mystery of godliness is rooted in believing important read more...