1 Timothy 5 Devotional Commentary

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1 Timothy 5:3

It is important that pastors and elders are properly equipped for the task ahead. Paul gives sound advice to Timothy on the necessary qualities and characteristics that should be present when a man takes on such an important responsibility within the Church. In chapter 3, he gives a comprehensive list of the attributes and characteristics required for those aspiring to be overseers in the Church and also instructs Timothy on his own roles and responsibilities read more...

1 Timothy 5:5

Throughout Scripture, we catch glimpses of God's great compassion for the plight of widows and older women, who are alone in the world. We see examples of His gracious sensitivity towards those that are poor, advancing in years, and bereft of any comfort or support from their menfolk.

The Bible insists that they are to be treated with respect and kind compassion. They should be cared read more...