What Does Titus 2:1 Mean?

But as for you, speak the things which are fitting for sound doctrine.

Titus 2:1(NASB)
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Timothy was told to preach the word, in season and out of season. He was also instructed to reprove, rebuke, exhort and encourage the flock of Christ in two particular ways - 1) with all long-suffering and 2) with sound doctrine. And here we find Titus having the same instruction and being reminded of the critical importance of heathy teaching and sound doctrine.

Earlier in his epistle to Titus.. Paul described the qualifications, qualities and duties of an elder in the Church and then he warned of the dangers of false teachers and also gave him guidance on their characteristics and how to identify these wolves in sheep's clothing. Paul cautioned Titus on the speed with which false teaching and demonic doctrines can infiltrate a congregation.

But as for you, Paul explained to Titus: you must speak in a manner that befits wholesome teaching. You are to speak the things which are fitting for sound doctrine. Paul did not instruct Titus to teach his congregation the finer details of the false doctrine these false teachers were teaching.. rather he commanded his to: speak the things which are fitting for sound doctrine.

The damage carried out by false teachers and unbiblical doctrine,today.. as in Paul's day is incalculable - as the foundational truths of our faith are being chipped away and discarded by unbiblical teaching which does not stand true to the Word of God and the beautiful truth of the Gospel of Christ.

As leaders in their respective Church assemblies, both Timothy and Titus needed this serious reminder to preach sound doctrine to those in their charge - which encompasses the whole council of Scripture - so that the flock of God would not be hoodwinked by any false teachings or unbiblical doctrine they might come across.

The more grounded a man or woman is in the Word of God the less likely they will be enticed away by ear-tickling teachings or tempted to buy into any demonic doctrines. The more we read, mark, learn and inwardly digest the Word, the more we will grow in grace and the easier it will be to recognise when a titivating teaching has strayed into falsehood.

The more we look at Scripture in it correct historical context and pay attention to its literal, and grammatical meaning the easier it will become to both speak sound doctrine to others and become cognisant of false doctrines bring dished out by a false teacher.

Titus however, was not instructed to teach the congregation all the nuances of the different false doctrines or instruct his congregation on the many alternative belief systems of the various sects and cults which were flooding the churches of his day - he was instructed to speak things which are fitting for sound doctrine. And today false teachers are multiplying in unprecedented numbers, but rather than trying to explain the multiplicity of false doctrines that a believer might encounter so that they do not go astray - how much better if teachers and ministers.. would preach the whole council of God, in season and out of season and speak those things which are fitting for sound doctrine

Let us study to be show ourselves approved unto God.. and handle the word of truth both accurately and sensitively, so that we are not tossed about by every wind of doctrine, but stand firm of the truth of God's word - to His praise and glory.

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank You that You have given us the inspired Scripture so that we may grow in grace and become mature in the faith. Knowing that there are many deceptive teachings and ungodly doctrines being taught today, both in the world and even in the Church, I pray that I may have discernment to know the truth, and not to stray from the path of sound doctrine - in Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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