What Does Proverbs 11:14 Mean?

Where there is no guidance the people fall, But in abundance of counselors there is victory.

Proverbs 11:14(NASB)

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Practical morality is something about which the Bible, in general, and Proverbs, in particular, teaches. One interesting way that biblical truth is translated into easily assimilated lessons, is through 'Antithetic Parallelism' or 'Contrasting Parallelism'.

Good is contrasted with evil, right with wrong, wisdom with foolishness, righteousness with folly, - and the benefits of a righteous lifestyle are often placed alongside the disadvantages of a wicked way of living.

In this verse, we are reminded that: "When there is no guidance the people fall - however, in abundance of counsellors there is victory." The truth in this statement is not only evident in the leadership and statesmanship of entire nations and grand corporations, but can also be witnessed within the home and family.

The word, 'guidance' in this verse, is a term that is used in nautical navigation or piloting a plane, for without wise advice and informed counsel, there is likely to be a great disaster - for as we read: "Where there is no guidance the people fall."

In the governance of a nation, there are many examples of foolish decisions that have been made when wise counsel has been ignored, or when a proud leader has disregarded the advice of knowledgeable generals. Similarly, there are other instances when victory has been secured, when decisions have been based on wise counsel, or rulings have reflected informed guidance: "For in the abundance of counsellors there is victory."

As Christians, we live by faith and not by sight, and often we are faced with decisions or choices which may have a significant impact on our future life and witness. And this little proverb is an important reminder to seek godly counsel when we are undecided or facing a challenge, contemplating a change, or required to make an adjustment in our life's circumstances.

God often uses seasoned believers to offer advice, and many times we discover that it is out of the mouth of multiple witnesses, that we receive godly wisdom in our life-choices.

Such guidance is often welcome, but can at times be confusing... especially if it conflicts with our own will or personal desires... but God has given us His written Word which He often uses to guide our steps or confirm the advice of believers, whom the Lord puts in our way to counsel us.

And He has also given us His indwelling Holy Spirit, to prompt us in the way that we should go and to guide us into all truth. However, we do need to be willing to LISTEN to His voice, whether it is internal or external - and we do need to respond when we receive prompting from His written Word so that we do not fall: "For where there is no guidance the people fall, but in abundance of counsellors there is victory."

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank You for the wise counsel of Christian brothers and sisters that You have placed in my life, to give me godly guidance and wise instruction. May I be willing to listen to their advice and I pray that You would confirm the guidance I receive in Your Word and through Your Holy Spirit. Use me, I pray, to offer wise advice to others, and to be ready and willing to respond to Your leading and guiding in every area of my life. This I ask in Jesus' name, AMEN.

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