What Does James 3:13 Mean?

Who among you is wise and understanding? Let him show by his good behavior his deeds in the gentleness of wisdom.

James 3:13(NASB)

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There is a significant difference between true wisdom and false wisdom - between wisdom from above and the wisdom of the world. The world too often equates wisdom with knowledge while godly wisdom is given from above.. as the Spirit of God directs the steps of a man and guides him in his actions and attitude.

Wisdom does not depend on how much knowledge a man manages to acquire but on how a man conducts himself in his every day life. Godly wisdom is exhibited in the way that a man applies all that he has learned from the Word of God in his everyday life.. and in the decisions and choices he makes.

The personification of godly wisdom is discovered in one Man alone - the Man Christ Jesus, for He is incarnate wisdom. The Lord Jesus is wisdom manifest in human flesh, and He is the living example of a life that is walking in spirit and truth. Jesus is not only the image of the invisible God but He is also the perfect representation of the way that godly men and god-fearing women should live.

When James asked this rhetorical question, he was not expecting any answer, but giving emphases to the radical differences between wisdom that is given from above and the sort of wisdom which has its roots in all that is earthly, fleshly, worldly and false. Envy and strife, together with boasting and deceit are some of the hallmarks of worldly wisdom, which is too often robustly rooted in egotistical self, sordid sin and devilish desires.

However the fruit of the Spirit is evidenced in the wisdom that comes from above.. where purity and peace join together in perfect union and where meekness and mercy embrace one another. Graciousness and goodness join together with sincerity and truth, which are recognisable garments.. and the garments of sincerity and truth, righteousness and grace are only worn by the one that is the benefactor of Christlike wisdom from above.

May this important question be asked of all who are saved by grace through faith in Christ: Who among you is wise and who has understanding? And may we all with our action and attitude reflect the same resounding reply, which was identified by James in his singular epistle - so that by God's grace we reflect the beauty and wisdom of the Lord Jesus.. both by our good behaviour and through the gentleness of spirit - which alone comes from the Lord Himself.

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank You for the epistle of James and its thought provoking content. May we reflect our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, Who is the personification of godly wisdom and our perfect, representative Man. Thank You that in Christ we have a living example of what a life that is walking in spirit and truth should be. May we die to self and live to Christ so that we may say - the life that I now live in the flesh is not I.. but CHRIST - to His praise and glory.

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