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Joshua 5:13

Joshua 5:13

Joshua was one of 2 people who did not die in the wilderness following Israel's escape from Egypt, because he was faithful and trusted the Word of the Lord. Having been appointed to lead God's people into the Promised Land, we find Joshua preparing for the task ahead, for the nation was to go and claim the land promised to their forefathers.

God instructed his servant to be strong and very courageous. He promised that just as He read more...

Joshua 5:14

Joshua 5:14

A new generation of Israelites had grown up during their wilderness wanderings who had not been circumcised. But having passed through the River Jordan, they gladly renewed their covenant relationship with the Lord at Gilgal. Every male was circumcised, God's reproach was lifted from them, and at twilight on the fourteenth day of the month, the entire nation celebrated the Passover with unleavened bread and parched grain.

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