Joshua 3 Devotional Commentary

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Joshua 3:5

Joshua 3:5

For 40 years the children of Israel had wandered in the wilderness instead of entering the promised land, due to their lack of faith. They were saved from Egypt, but because of unbelief, they lived a defeated life and failed to enter their promised rest. Despite their redemption, they failed to live a sanctified life. A whole generation died and was buried in the wilderness, but another was waiting, expectantly, to enter the promised land.


Joshua 3:8

Joshua 3:8

Joshua and Caleb were the only two who escaped Egyptian slavery and passed through the Red Sea... who would finally cross the River Jordan, into the promised land. 40 years had passed, since that eventful day, when the lambs were slain in Egypt, the angel of death passed over, and the people were redeemed. Moses had reminded a new generation of Israelites, of the covenant God made with His people, and their duty towards the Lord. Finally, just before his death, read more...