Exodus 33 Devotional Commentary

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Exodus 33:14

Having been redeemed from Egypt and passed through the Red Sea, the Israelites set off on their journey to the Promised Land. God provided manna from heaven to sustain them and water from the rock, yet the people complained and murmured against the Lord. Nevertheless, God in His grace revealed Himself at Mount Sinai through thunder, lightning, and dense cloud.

The Lord then instructed Moses to climb up the Holy Mountain where he read more...

Exodus 33:15

The book of Exodus continues the narrative from Genesis, when Joseph was put in a coffin in Egypt. It guides us through the call of Moses, his confrontation with Pharoah, and the 10 terrible plagues of Egypt. We read of the death of the first-born on Passover and the crossing of the Red Sea... and we are given an insight into various wilderness exploits.

We hear of the covenant the Lord made with Israel and their incessant read more...

Exodus 33:18

There is a deep craving and an insatiable hunger in the heart of all men for God. Many suppress their desire, ignore their hunger, or even deny this deep-seated need, but it will remain in the heart of all men throughout their life, for God has set eternity within the heart of humanity.

Moses was a man that recognised his own insatiable desire to know his Creator God and in humble acknowledgement of God's almighty mercy and great read more...

Exodus 33:22

Moses was the great law-giver of Israel, but he also enjoyed intimate fellowship and close friendship with God. Moses had a deep interest and concern for the people of Israel and interceded on their behalf, on many occasions.

Despite their murmurings against both the Lord and himself, Moses had deep, spiritual concern for God's chosen people which caused him to plead with the Lord for His goodness and grace, His guidance and read more...