Exodus 20 Devotional Commentary

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Exodus 20:1

In the beginning God made man in His own image, but man sinned and fell into rebellion against his Creator and God's plan of redemption was set in motion. But the evil intent of man's evil heart remained evil continually, and the windows of heaven poured out the water of judgement on a God-hating, sinful world, flooding the entire earth and cleansing it of its pre-flood perversions and unspeakable violence.

The god of this world

Exodus 20:2

Israel were given a total of 613 commandments, and the first 10 are generally referred to as 'The Moral Law' or 'The Ten Commandments'. However, before God started to lay out the conditions of His covenant with Israel and list the righteous requirements of the Law, He reminded His chosen people, "I am the Lord your God, Who brought you out of the land of Egypt. I am the Lord your God, Who brought you out of the house of slavery."


Exodus 20:3

The giving of the Law to the nation of Israel was one of the most important events in the history of mankind's redemption, and an important step in the chronicles of the covenant nation of Israel - through Whom God's anointed Saviour was to be born.

The Lord had rescued the nation of Israel from Egyptian slavery and carried them on eagles wings into the Sinai desert where they were to be given an exalted position among all the read more...

Exodus 20:4

There is nothing more obnoxious to the Lord than the worship of graven images and idolatry surrounding false gods. When God presented Himself to the people of Israel in the wilderness and made His covenant with them, the very first matter the Lord brought up was this issue of idolatry, where something or someone, visible or invisible, was placed before Him.

From the beginning, men started to worship the creation instead of the read more...

Exodus 20:12

Honouring one's father and mother is being obedient to them, listening to their advice, and complying with their instructions and wishes. This Old Testament command, to honour your father and mother, is not only repeated by the Lord Jesus in His pre-Cross ministry to Israel, but is also reiterated to the Church by Paul, in both Ephesians and Colossians: "Children, be obedient to your parents.. in the Lord, for this is right and well-pleasing read more...

Exodus 20:13

The Law of Moses which consists of 613 individual laws, begins with the Decalogue, otherwise called the 10 Commandments or more literally translated 'the Ten Words'.

These 10 commandments underpin both the religious and civil law of Israel and can be divided into two very distinct groups. The first four relate to man's relationship with God, while the last ones pertain to man's relationship with his fellow man.