1 Samuel 3 Devotional Commentary

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1 Samuel 3:10

The beautiful story of Samuel's conception and birth, and God's special call on his life, has become beloved by many. The heart-felt prayer of a childless woman whose pleading request for a baby son was answered and who was faithful in returning the child back to the Lord once he was weaned, has rejoiced many hearts and encouraged many souls.

True to her word, Hannah sang her own magnificat to read more...

1 Samuel 3:15

Samuel was probably in his teens when God called to him in the night. The lamp of God had not yet gone out in the Temple and three times the Lord called out to the boy, before Eli realised that it must be the Lord Who was calling him in the night. Eli had become 'spiritually impaired' and did not realise it was God Who was calling the boy so persistently, but finally he instructed Samuel to return to his bed and answer, "speak Lord, Your servant is read more...