1 Samuel 12 Devotional Commentary

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1 Samuel 12:22

Israel rejected the Lord as their heavenly King and demanded an earthly ruler, like the pagan nations surrounding them. And though they were rebuked by the prophet Samuel for this grave, rebellious sin against the Lord, God in His mercy was still prepared to bless His covenant nation, which He had called into existence through Abraham, Isaac, and the twelve sons of Jacob.

What a wonderful promise was given to that prideful and read more...

1 Samuel 12:24

If we would but follow the wisdom contained in the Word of God, how our faith would be strengthened and how our fear would dissolve into the sea of God's gracious faithfulness.

When we look at the ever-mounting circumstances and troublous times that are overwhelming our lives, or watch in horror as the world situation continues to spiral downwards with increasing rapidity, too often we consider in our hearts that things are out read more...