What Does Mark 11:9 Mean?

Those who went in front and those who followed were shouting: "Hosanna! BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD;

Mark 11:9(NASB)
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Only days before His crucifixion on Calvary's Cross, the Lord Jesus triumphantly rode into the city of Jerusalem on a little donkey... proclaiming to be Israel's long-awaited Messiah, and their prophesied King and Saviour.

The crowds cried out in excited expectation, "Hosanna," they shouted. Save us, is the interpretation. "Blessed is He Who comes in the name of the Lord," was the jubilant greeting Jesus heard from the people - as had been foretold in the book of Psalms.

But things were far from right for the nation of Israel. They were looking for a King who would save them from the tyranny of their Roman overlords, rather than One Who would deliver them from their sin, free them from the curse of the Law, and save them from the sentence of spiritual death, which their sinfulness demanded.

Though a few trusted in Christ as the Son of God Who takes away the sin of the world, most followed Him to gain physical healing or to get a free lunch of fish and bread, instead of true spiritual food from the heavenly Man. Others were intrigued with the passing thrill of witnessing the many signs and wonders Jesus performed in their midst. But sadly, the adoration of many was short-live and superficial.

Israel as a nation, was still in unbelief after three years of Christ's earthly ministry, and Jesus knew that the nation would reject Him as their King. He grieved over Jerusalem and the people of Israel, for He knew that by rejecting Him, they would be subjected to the terrible time of Jacob's Trouble - the time of Great Tribulation, when the wrath of God would be poured out on the chosen people of God, until they truly recognised Him for Who He is and all that He has done.

The cursing of the barren fig tree which was to follow, and the cleansing of the Temple from the corrupt money changers, set the stage for Christ's crucifixion... as the scribes and Pharisees plotted how they might destroy the Lord Jesus. They were full of fear and jealousy because the people were astonished by His doctrine and mesmerised by His wonderful works.

Some had heeded the call of John the Baptist to repent of their sin and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ - the Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the world. Some had their eyes open to the truth and recognised Him as the true Light of the world Who gives light to everyone who comes into the world. Some discovered Him to be the Word made flesh, in Whom is eternal life and love divine, and they gladly acknowledged Him as Lord and Saviour - but most remained in unbelief.

Every one of the four gospels tells us that, "Those who went in front and those who followed Jesus were shouting, 'Hosanna! BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD.'" These prophetic words of blessing, which are found in the book of Psalms, fell from the lips of a great multitude that followed Him that day... when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey - declaring Himself as Israel's King.

"Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord," they shouted. And yet as Luke records, Jesus wept over Jerusalem and grieved for His people, for despite their fleshly adoration of Him, they neither accepted Him as their Messiah nor acknowledged Him as God's anointed King. The Lord Jesus Christ came to His own people to save them from their sin, but they did not recognise the day of their visitation.

And so Jesus made a sombre pronouncement to unbelieving Israel, "you shall not see Me again, until that day when you will say, 'Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord.'"  But couched in His severe warning, is the most beautiful promise to God's chosen people - they WILL see Him again. He will not forsake His people, but they must first acknowledge Him as Messiah of Israel, Saviour of the world, and God's anointed King of kings.

The day when Israel as a nation will truly repent of their sin and acknowledge Jesus as their Messiah and King, is yet future. It will take place at the end of that coming time of terrible tribulation - the prophesied time of Jacob's Trouble, when Israel as a nation will finally heed the call to repent... that prophets of old, as well as John the Baptist made, so many years before. On that day, the entire nation of Israel will repent of her national sin against the Lord, as they call on the name of the Lord for salvation and accept Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God and King of the Jews.

On that day they will cry with one voice, "Hosanna - Save us - Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord - blessed is JESUS." - Son of God and Son of Man - Son of God and God the Son. On that day every eye will see Him come to earth from heavenly places, to set up His Millennial Kingdom - and we, who are His Church, will be with Him.

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, thank You for the truth of Your Word which tells us the end from the beginning. Thank You that Your promises to Israel still stands, despite their centuries of unbelief, and thank You that Your promises to me and the whole Christian Church remain "yes" and "amen" in Christ Jesus, my Saviour, despite the times that my faith has failed and my pride has caused me to forget You. May I live and work to Your praise and glory. In Jesus' name I pray, AMEN.

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