What Does Judges 13:18 Mean?

"Why do you ask My name," the Angel of the Lord asked him, "since it is wonderful."

Judges 13:18(HCSB)

Verse Thoughts

There are many wonderful things in the Word of God. Abraham was reminded that nothing is too wonderful for the Lord and Joshua discovered that God did wonderful things in the midst of His people. Gideon rejoiced in all the wonderful deeds that the Lord had done for their forefathers.. while David lifted up his voice and sang praises to the Lord as he meditated on the wonderful works of God.

Isaiah identified the Lord as our Wonderful Counsellor while Job was awe-struck by the great and wonderful things of God, which he proclaimed were without number. Daniel reflected on the wonderful words that were spoken by the Lord and Joel on God's wonderful dealing with His people, Israel. Paul and the other apostles were humbled by God's wonderful love, His wonderful grace and His wonderful sacrifice on Calvary's cross - which was given on our account because of the wonderful love Christ has for the Church, which is His Body.

But Manoah and his wife were to discover one particular aspect of the God of their fathers that was thrilling. They were to discover that His Name is Wonderful - too wonderful for words. His name is beyond description and without parallel in the history of the human race - for His name is:- WONDERFUL.

Manoah and his wife were unaware that the Angel of the Lord, Who had come from heaven to bring them a message from God was none other than the divine Person of the Son of God.. the second Person of the Trinity, Who in His grace had visited Manoah's wife to tell her of the good news that she was to give birth to a son, who would be used of God to govern His people Israel.

It was in his bold curiosity that Manoah asked the Lord: what is Your name? But the Lord said to him, Why do you ask about my name, since it is WONDERFUL? The name of the Lord is beyond our understanding just as it was beyond the imagination of Manoah and his wife.

The name of the Lord is too wonderful to be confined to one word, one name, one characteristic or one description. The name of the Lord encompasses all the wonderful, eternal, glorious, infinite and amazing aspects of our Creator God, Who loved us so much that He gave His only begotten Son to be the substitute for the sin of the whole world, and to die in our place - so that we could be forgiven of our sins and be showered with all the wonderful and eternal gifts that God in His grace has bestowed on all who believe on the name of Jesus.

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, You are beautiful beyond all description and too wonderful for words. Thank You that You are my God and my Saviour. May I live my life to Your praise and glory and rejoice with graceful thanks for all Your wonderful works - and most especially I thank You for Christ's wonderful work on the cross on my behalf, so that I might be clothed in His wonderful righteousness by grace through faith in HIM - in Whose name I pray, AMEN.

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