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Judges 6:8

Judges 6:8

From the moment they entered the land of Israel under the leadership of Joshua, the Israelites engaged in a downward spiral of events under the leadership of a succession of judges, which finally resulted in a situation where everyone rejected the sovereign authority of God, and did only that which was right in their own eyes.

Time and again, the rebellious sins of Israel caused the Lord to punish them, by bringing them into read more...

Judges 6:23

Judges 6:23

How we all delight to read through the chapter on faith in the book of Hebrews, and rejoice as we consider the exploits of so many godly men and women of faith. How often we wish that we were like these spiritual heroes, and that our faith was as sure and strong as that great cloud of witnesses, who by God's grace, were saved by faith, lived by faith, gave honour to God, and found their way into the holy Scriptures.

We think of