Nehemiah 1 Devotional Commentary

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Nehemiah 1:3

Nehemiah was a Jew who had been born in the land of Israel's captivity, but had risen to the trusted position of cup-bearer to the king, himself. He was living under the rulership of the great Persian empire which had overthrown the blasphemous, Babylonian kingdom, which had conquered and enslaved the nation of Israel so many years before.

Already the Temple of Jerusalem had been rebuilt due to the decree of Cyrus, read more...

Nehemiah 1:4

There are three clearly identifiable prophecies relating to the rebuilding of the Temple, and the walls of Jerusalem. Cyrus was the great Persian ruler who decreed the rebuilding of Solomon's Temple, around 605 BC, as recorded in the book of Ezra. However, it was Artaxerxes who signed the second and third decrees.. which authorised the rebuilding of the city walls, and Nehemiah is the man who recorded this momentous period in Israel's history.


Nehemiah 1:5

Too often today when we hear some disturbing news, whether it is political or personal, we discuss it with other people and bemoan the serious situation. Then, depending on our nature, political bias, personal circumstances, financial situation, or individual character, we set about doing something to correct it - or we ignore it and leave it to somebody else.

But as we read the early verses in the book of Nehemiah, we find that read more...