Joel 3 Devotional Commentary

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Joel 3:1

The short, prophetic book of Joel is packed with parallelism and metaphors, contrasts and similes, pictures and portraits, which contribute to it its compelling content. It begins with vivid descriptions of desolation and destruction, brought about by successive swarms of different types of destructive locusts.

At the start of the book, these pernicious insects symbolise an all-pervasive and relentless enemy attack on God's read more...

Joel 3:1

Because of the apostasy of priests and people alike, Joel prophesied of a plague of locusts of exceptional severity that would come on God's people. It was meant to be a harbinger of judgement if they did not repent. Though the book of Joel is brief in length, it gives a detailed account of the coming Day-of-the-Lord which will be a time of devastating destruction when God's beautiful land will become a desolate wasteland.

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