Ezekiel 38 Devotional Commentary

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Ezekiel 38:2

Chapter 38 begins Ezekiel's sixth and final oracle concerning Israel. It gives some vital information on God's future, prophetic plan for His people, and the chapter begins, "The word of the Lord came to me..." Ezekiel started to receive these eschatological insights in this oracle, only hours before the exiles in Babylon heard the devastating news... that Jerusalem had fallen. 


Ezekiel 38:4

The most thrilling stories to be told are those found in the Word of God. Not only are they exciting and dramatic, but they are true. They teach us great lessons and provide us with valuable warnings that affect all our lives. Some speak of battles and bravery that took place in the far distant past. Some describe kings who were brought low, or shepherds who were elevated to positions of high authority and great responsibility. 


Ezekiel 38:16

The Lord told Gog, the satanically inspired ruler of end-times events, that a day is coming when he will be summoned to invade the Promised Land of Israel. Together with a vast army of allies from Persia, Ethiopia and many clearly identifiable nations, he will march against God's people and this invasion is to happen at the 'time of the end.' The Lord told Gog that He would 'put hooks in his jaw' and give him and his allies, an irresistible urge to flood into the read more...