Ezekiel 37 Devotional Commentary

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Ezekiel 37:8

The final few chapters of Ezekiel give some important prophetic insight into God's future plan for His people, Israel, in the end times. The prophet is supernaturally spirited away from his home while exiled in Babylon and given a curious vision of a valley full of dry, human bones.

This vision speaks of Israel's future restoration to the promised land, but shows that their return to the Lord will be established in a number of read more...

Ezekiel 37:11

In chapter 36 of Ezekiel, the Lord made a beautiful promise to His chosen people, Israel. Despite being divided as a nation, driven from their land, deprived of their king, and dispossessed of their Temple, God pledged to restore His people to their land and to unite their divided kingdom. He promised to bring them back to their homeland with enormous blessings and to re-establish a redeemed people, under the sovereign rule of His servant, David.


Ezekiel 37:17

Many of the prophecies Ezekiel gave to Israel were delivered through mime or by means of play-acting. On one occasion, Ezekiel wrote on a clay tablet and on another occasion, he shaved his head. One prophecy was illustrated by baking his bread over dung, and another by lying on his side for an extended period of time. Other prophetic illustrations included him packing his bags, quivering and shaking, preaching to the forest, and refusing to mourn for read more...