Ecclesiastes 9 Devotional Commentary

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Ecclesiastes 9:12

It was most likely King Solomon who penned the unusual book of Ecclesiastes. God granted the young king the gift of wisdom and discernment, and there is much in his writing that pertains to the value of acquiring godly wisdom. But as one traces the life of this famous and fabulously wealthy king through Scripture, we discover that he did not always make the best choices in his own life, as king of Israel. And despite his great gift of wisdom, he often exhibited read more...

Ecclesiastes 9:18

In much of his writing, we see Solomon discussing inanimate objects and abstract concepts as if they were real people, whose actions, attitudes, and behaviours, need to be pursued or avoided - and often they are identified in the feminine gender. Likewise, we often find him using similes, metaphors, comparisons, and contrasts, which help to deepen our understanding of Solomon's precepts and principles.

Folly and Foolishness is