Ecclesiastes 4 Devotional Commentary

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Ecclesiastes 4:9

When life is lived without God, life is futile and meaningless. Human effort or intellect pursuits, pleasure seeking or a power grab, personal prestige or the accumulation of wealth, is identified by Solomon as being utterly vain. When the Lord is eliminated from the human heart, then the circle of life and the inevitability of death expresses nothing but hopelessness. When God is excluded, then the enemy has full sway in a life.


Ecclesiastes 4:12

As Ecclesiastes unfolds, contrasting pictures emerge from its pages. We see secular wisdom at variance with the divine wisdom from on high. We discover the wonderful hope we have in our eternal God, as the antithesis of man's devastating despair in this fallen world system.

We hear of the futility of man's fleshly accomplishments and the emptiness and pain that permeates every aspect of life, when God is excluded. We discover that read more...